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It started with the sticker a few years ago. At first we only distributed the stickers among our friends. However, that quickly got around, especially fan clubs & individuals who do not come from Hamburg and therefore only make it to home games irregularly, were very pleased that we were able to send the self-printed stickers for little money. There is for
Otherwise, St. Pauli fans from outside hardly have a chance to distribute the colors of the magical FC in their streets. Overpriced offers from eBay and Amazon have never been an alternative. At the same time, we kept getting inquiries on our Instagram page. This page is incredibly popular among St. Pauli fans; after the official FC St. Pauli account, it is the largest page on Instagram related to St. Pauli. Various sticker motifs are posted here on a regular basis. The community now holds more than 22,000 St. Paulians. In order to meet all your inquiries, we have now decided to reorganize the matter in a new and different way.
We design, send & stick the stickers because we enjoy making you happy with them. We all have our work, studies, training, which means we are working on this project on a part-time basis. We do not want to enrich ourselves with the sale of stickers. That is why the name "Stpauliaufkle" stands for top quality at a low price, surpluses are usually invested in new stickers or flow into anti-fascist projects. None of us can or will live from the money that remains. The goal is first: To offer as many people as possible an inexpensive alternative to the exorbitant prices on eBay & Amazon and to be able to paint their hometown in the most beautiful colors in the world is needed for more important things or there is no more money in the account towards the end of the month.  Although we  Having appreciated communication via Instagram-Direct & Facebook and got to know a lot of nice people in the process, we could no longer meet our requirements for reliable, friendly & professional communication because we simply had too many inquiries. We hope now that you are doing well here and that there is something for everyone. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, you can of course still write to us on Facebook & Instagram.  

We for you - you for us!
St. Pauli is the only option! 

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