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No football for the fascists!

Your Antifa online shop

We are your Antifa mail order shop

We offer you a colorful mix of Antifa motifs both as a mix package and in individual motifs. We also have other small Antifa accessories in stock.


Remain respectful

We run the Antifa Shop in our free time. This is also why it can happen from time to time that products are not permanently available, shipping takes a day longer or you do not receive an answer straight away when you ask. We are also not the official St.Pauli fan shop! 


Antifascism must not fail because of the wallet!

If you're short on money at the end of the month, but the fascist next door has just paved half the street with Nazi shit, and you now want to counterattack, but you simply don't have the money to place an order, you can contact us at any time Write a message via


Use your local Antifa store.

Do you have an Antifa store in your city? 
Use it and support the local Antifa groups. We are happy to help out if these stores are not available or are closed. 

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